Twinkle Jewelry refines and evolves jewelry that accompany women in their daily lives. We hope that the jewelry could be a part of their individuality and subtly defines who she is.

Having over 20 years of experience in Jewelry craftsmanship, sculptural goldsmithing, diamond and gemstone selection, Twinkle Jewelry was established to be one of the mass Hong Kong based Fine Jewelry Wholesalers. We have a professional, systematical and reputable factory in Foshan, which manufactures the most innovative and rarest jewelry to retailers around the world.

Our most skilled jewelry designer leads his team to hit the ground by creating luxury, elegance jewelry with unprecedented, ingenious ideas. They like to rethink the new possibility of the materials in order to purpose and create new jewelry alternatives.

Our business market covers the U.S., United Arab Emirates, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong, providing both jewelry, diamond, colour diamond and gemstone consultant service.

Ideas of design
Twinkle Jewelry stands out as an innovative and visionary jeweller.
We believe that the uniqueness of a jewelry doesn’t measured by the complication of the design is, but how the jewelry presents the message of the owner. Our mission is to make our collection simpler and maximise the meaning of it.
We would not let our products be the forgotten part of your jewelry box. Every jewelry we design and create should be wearable and individualised, we change our ingenious ideas into simple symbols, shapes and even represented by colors or lines.
We want to bring a storm to the social media and propose Twinkle Jewelry as one of the new types of high-end fashion in the field.